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Alternatives to Cloud storage


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Not sure if this is the best place to post these, but with Crashplan exiting the consumer market and other Cloud providers dropping their unlimited plans it may be a good time to kick around some alternatives.

Here is a nice review of HyperBackup on Synology. Could be a good way for two users to share each others Synology boxes to back up to each other:



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I'm beginning to give up on Cloud Storage as a significant source of my backup strategy. I have a QNAP TS-451+ and thinking about

placing a second QNAP box at work. Using Resilio Sync to replicate the files there after I do the initial backup here. It can be a Plex 

box too, especially since they have much better upload speeds than I do. 

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I talked a lot about Hyper Backup on RESET 31.  http://reset.fm/31  Hyper Backup solves a lot of problems with syncing and backing up for me.  I backup my main folder set to TWO additional NAS units in the house as well as a USB drive.  Then I sync files to several clouds as well. 

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Anyone familiar with m-disc? It is more of an archiving solution than backup but it would work as backup for things like pictures and videos that don't usually change. I found a white paper by the Naval Air Warfare Office at China Lake, CA that gave it a positive review.

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interesting that you mentioned this,  I just burned my first 25 gig mdisk last night


I had to replace a jammed BR reader in my main system and decided to replace it with a LG Blue Ray burner,  got a three pack of 25 gig M-disk media with it to test.


1st burn went off successfully.    A nearly full 25 gig disk took about 35 minutes to complete, including post burn verification.


I used "CDBurner XP",  which has been my go to burning software for some time.


Need more testing however.  My brother has  basically the same setup.  He bought some Sony 100 gig mdisks and has not gotten a good burn after two tries.   He even tried using Nero 17.  mdisk media is expensive , even 25 gig  (~15 buck for 3x 25 gig and close to 20bucks each for 100 gig)


One other caveat -  Its been a awhile since I burned anything and I had forgotten about restrictions on filename length when burning  "joliet" filesystem disks.  fortunately, my software caught this when doing the compilation -I had to rename several entries in my source material.


Was going to send my out of state brother an archive backup of family photos - unfortunately, he lives in south florida and Hurricane Irma has other ideas.  instead i received his blue ray backups in the mail just the other day.


offsite backups people !



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I use Resillio Sync to provide a kind of offsite backup for my data, however, as it is encrypted (through the Resillio Encrypted Shares system the Media share seems to present a problem with syncing, which is a problem in and of itself as it's over 700GB and it constantly wants to sync. It seems to only be syncing Metadata but I cannot confirm that.


It's also important to remember that syncing is not a backup. you delete it, it's gone. Due to this, I have two of the NAS's (I am utilising Synology NAS devices and Windows Servers to achieve my strategy) utilise an external "Archive" drive to back up. Which they then do until such time as the disk is full then overwriting the oldest data.


I am also utilising my Azure cloud credit from being a M$ partner to run a Resillio Sync server on the Microsoft Infrastructure. Seems to work pretty well and costs me nothing :D

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Good topic ... cloud storage way more expensive than DIY ...


I liked the original symform architecture which is why I bought my first HP Microserver. But symform doubled its cost and still couldn't make money so now its gone.


I looked at bittorrent sync (now Resillio) ... but it wasn't a 'proper' Windows application like OneDrive: didn't understand user accounts or where to install itself in a standard fashion.

Maybe it's better now.


Not paying for NAS devices: nice but expensive.


Just put my latest backups in the garage every few months and hey ho ... so I lose a few months stuff which I could  buy again.

Easy to rebuild devices from scratch.

Really important stuff, my rubbish (small amounts) in 3 places, including cloud.

And how often to I watch the garage-load of movies I've stashed? A couple a month? 1% of the total?

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