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Replace the exhaust fan


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Has anyone replaced the exhaust fan in their MicroServer Gen8? Any success? Mine is noisy as hell.


I've read that the fan in the MicroServer has some sort of "special" signal it sends to the motherboard to control the fan speed, making it difficult to replace. One solution I thought of is replacing the fan, attaching it to a custom built fan controller (based on Arduino or something), controlling the fan and feeding a proper signal to the motherboard. Any thoughts on this? Is there a better solution?

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    • Gulftown
      By Gulftown
      As I have decided to make some improvements on my afermarket fan controller I am trying to try implementing thermal control or mobo PWM control of additional fans, but before that I'm in a great need to inderstand how much fan count the controller should be ready to support. As this forum doesn't support polls I have nothing to do but ask you to reply on this topic.
      What I would be thankful to know:
      1. How many fans have you installed in your Microserver.
      2. What fans do you use (size, 3/4-pin connector) and where are they located, also what are they cooling.
      3. What way do you power these fans?
      Thank you in advance for your feedback!
    • Sug7
      By Sug7
      Hi Guys,
      New member here, some great info on this forum so hopefully a few of you have experience with the Intel E3-1260L CPU running in a HP Microserver Gen8? 
      I know for sure it will work as I’ve seen some good threads on here but can anyone tell me if the upgrade made a noticeable difference in the fan speeds and noise?  
      Im looking at putting two Gen8’s in a living room in place of an old N54L so cautious of too much noise..
    • korso
      By korso
      Dear HomeServerShow:
      I just upgraded my CPU from a 1610T to a 1220L. All is going well, but I noticed fan speed has increase from like 10-14% to 14%-18%. I am wondering if someone else who upgraded is seeing the same just to rule out that I applied thermal paste wrong, screwed up heatsink install or something like that. I was expecting more or less (or even lower) fan speed as this CPU has a TDP of 20W, and the 1610T had 35W.
      Thanks a lot!
    • Gulftown
      By Gulftown
      After reading a lot of stuff here and there I am planning some sort of investigation... I'd like to make a board adapter to make Microserver work with any 120mm fan (PWM or DC regulated) without problems and failures. I know some members got problems when installed a new fan and tried different connection schematics.
      Here's what I'd like to do:
      6pin HP connector <-----cable----> adapter board with MCU   -----> 4-pin fan connector (+ 6-pin HP-compliant one for backward compatibility)
      Desired functionality of MCU board:
      1. Working rotation detect with any fan based on rpm counter.
      2. MCU-based rotation speed regulation using both PWM and DC modes to allow support for any fan. DC controlled fan low-voltage cutoff detection should be included.
      3. "First-run" mode to check to lowest voltage and detect PWM-DC fan control functionality.
      I couldn't find some information:
      1. What 6-pin connector type HP utilyses to allow the board connection to Microserver mobo as I wouldn't like to disassemble the original fan?
      2. Have anyone tried the rotation detect imitation (having a 6-pin custom connector and a potentiometer would let me do that)?
      3. Can you help me to collect some information regarding the issue in this topic to make things easier as I can say there's 5 or 6 topics only on Reset and I also find some info on HP and other related forums?
    • TSa
      By TSa
      I made stupid mistake and bought gen10 microserver because it looked nice. 
      Hardware is like this:
      Samsung 850 pro 256 for OS win10 pro
      2x wd red 4tb in SW raid
      1x wd green 3b
      It is loud as hell when booting and very irritating after that.
      There is just too much noise from fan for quiet home office.
      Is there anything i can do about it?
      Please help my ears bleed!
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