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I am in the US. I have set up an openvpn on my ASUS RT-AC5300 router which I purchased due to its ability to run a VPN. I am lucky enough to have a gigabit connection. I am running a wired connection to my desktop and to my Roku device. With the VPN on the router disabled, I am getting speeds on the desktop of about 945 Mbps down and 650 up. With the VPN on the router connected, I am getting speeds of about 35 up and 40 down on the desktop. Plus, my Ruku device has major difficulty streaming Netflix and Amazon will not stream at all.
For obvious reasons, I wanted to use the VPN on the router, but the reduction in speed and lack of streaming ability are prohibitive. On my AC wireless laptop with the VPN connected, I am getting about 55 down and 108 up. Off, I am getting 220 up and 225 down. So, the VPN on the laptop and desktop is substantially reducing speeds, but not as much as it is being reduced with the VPN on the router.
My VPN provider (NordVPN) has been very responsive and helpful with regards to setting up my router, and has provided me with the following information with regard to the speed issue:
The downside to OpenVPN is that in its current architecture, it is not scalable. It runs as a monolithic process and cannot run multi-threaded.
This means that if you have a beefy processor with 8 cores and each of the core has 8 threads, OpenVPN will use only a single thread in one of the available cores.
Regarding routers - they do not have powerful CPUs, thus encrypting and decrypting OpenVPN traffic is a real challenge for them. For that reason the speed can drop by a large amount.

You could try increasing your speed by connecting to a few different servers (preferably to the ones in yours or neighboring country), changing between TCP and UDP, disabling QoS, SPI Firewall and NAT Acceleration (if your router has one). You could also try looking for the most optimal MTU value on your router which could be in the range from 1300 to 1500.

If these changes do not help and you are getting better speeds while connected to the same servers with our software on your computer, then unfortunately your routers hardware cannot encrypt the internet traffic fast enough and this is the reason for speed drop. In this case there is nothing that I can suggest you unfortunately.
I have messed with the VPN providers suggestions to no real success.  Does anyone have any Ideas? Suggestions? with regards to a router that I might us to run the VPN?  Thanks. Using speedtest.net

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