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10 TB disk compatibility


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Hi, has anyone tried some of these 10 TB disks in his HP Gen8 ?

  • WD Red 10TB WD100EFAX
  • WD Red Pro 10TB  WD101KFBX
  • Seagate IronWolf 10 TB ST10000VN0004 
  • Seagate IronWolf Pro 10 TBSeagate IronWolf Pro 10 TBSeagate IronWolf Pro 10 TB ST10000NE0004 

I want to buy this server (version with G1610T and 4GB RAM), primarly purpose will be storage home NAS, runs on gigabit ethernet LAN (maybe upgrade to Xeon and 16 GB RAM in future). I want to put 4x WD100EFAX inside (40 TB of raw storage), and for system disk (OMV) use SSD/USB Flash disk/SD Card (ODD slot). Then replace 120mm fan with Noctua (NF-S12A PWM or NF-S12A ULN, do not know if PWM will work?) and stock PSU replace with picoPSU-80 (will be enough?), because of noise. Will it be possible or should I build my own DIY NAS?


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Hello Ka-EM, I'm currently using 4x WD RED NAS 8TO in my HP-Gen 8 without a fuss; you shouldn't run into any problem with those new 10To IMO.

I recommend the SSD in ODD slot for the best performance (You may have to download the SSD driver for windows server to recognize the drive when installing).

Xeon and 16Gb upgrade are totally doable BUT It will cost you a bit on the RAM part (ECC neded).

This is my POV but I don't think you need to replace the original fan -> It is very quiet when correctly configured :) (I use mine as a NAS in my home too, and we hear the read/write process on the HDD LOUDER than the fan :P).

Don't know about the PSU, I haven't upgraded it, but you should be careful as this is a very compact build (easy to open, but hard to find the perfect pieces !).

And finally another personal input -> If you need to setup RAID on the HP Proliant Gen 8, better use software raid included in the distro of your choice.

Hope this helps, Ask away mate : I've been using the Gen8 for 1 year, and I had to reboot it only twice B)

Amazing little home server (Excellent LAN hardware btw).



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this is my VN currently sent to rma.

talked to seagate over email first and they said to rma. place where I bought it refuses initially to rma but after insisting they accepted (they didn't like to pay the shipping costs because seatools and smart parameters are ok)

i've got also the enterprise version that does the same sound (model with NM instead of VN) and also hgst. they both make sounds and i've read somewhere (can't remember where) that hgst is doing background surface scan all the time. also after sending the VN to rma I've read in the specs that some acoustics will be heard during idle when drive is doing s.m.a.r.t. activity. also seachest documentation says the drive is doing some smart readings when idle (but i don't have that software).
one interesting thing to note is before rma the VN had dropped hardware_ecc_recovered to very close to threshold (5 and threshold is 1).
typing from phone in a hurry so apologies for formatting

please let me know if yours will make same noise (you won't hear it in noisy environment, must be in quiet room

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