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Potential SmartThings Class Action Lawsuit

KSG Paralegal

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Kohn, Swift & Graf, a class action law firm which handles cases nationwide, is investigating claims for a class action lawsuit against Samsung for its SmartThings home monitoring system, which fails to operate as advertised.  Many consumers have complained that SmartThings does not operate when prompted or operates without any prompt at all.  We are gathering information about peoples’ experiences.  If you purchased SmartThings and had issues with the product, please send your complaints to info@kohnswift.com.  All consultations are free of charge.


To ensure compliance with applicable rules of professional conduct, please note that this post might be construed as Attorney Advertising.  Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Get in line:




Some of this started with this study:


and here is the response from ST:



In the forums at SmartThings this topic comes up from some users claiming their hubs are down 50% of the time or their hubs don't work as promised. When you push them for details, things tend to get very vague. That said, SmartThings like most other HA hubs are not perfect. They rely on your home network. They integrate with products from multiple vendors, most of which are not tested by ST. As it stands, if you are expecting professional results, get a professional system. In my ST environment most issues I have run into relate to flaky devices(non ST) or my learning curve. Frankly, home automation is not easy.

What are other ST users seeing?


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