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In several post I have mentioned Amahi as a possible alternative to WHS. I have completed my VERY LIMTIED testing and thought I would give an update.


I installed Amahi on my virtual server and did some VERY limited testing resulting in me determing Amahi is not the answer for me as my main storage system. For that I am going to go with unRAID, but may throw all my old drives (ie 500gig and less, plus some non SATA drives) into an old system and use Amahi as a backup of some files on the unRAID server.


A little more on Amahi, (http://www.amahi.org/):


To install Amahi, you must first install Fedora 14 (Linux) and then the Amahi server software. All that is pretty easy and straight forward (just be careful to follow the directions for adding the software respository). Once installed, Amahi will load a DNS and DHCP server by default, which I had to immediately stop since pfSense handles those task on my network. Access is then made to the Amahi server through a web page interface which is not wonderful, but also not nearly as sparse as the unRAID web admin.


As far as I can tell, Amahi does not have any method for automatically backing up computers in the house, but I suppose you could use something like Crashplan to solve that problem. For me that feels like a step backwards since this is one of the main features I like about WHS.


Amahi will pool the drives using something called Greyhole which seems similar to DE. In addition, not only can you duplicate files, but you can tell the system how many times to copy the file, each time to a separate drive. You can also have it copy files to ALL drives. While this seems like it is taking the duplication protecting method to the next level, for me this could be an incredible waste of space.


Amahi does have various apps you could load, but I never got to that part of the testing. There are not near as many apps as there are available for WHS and many of them look like things I would never use anyway, at least not on my internal server.


In the end, for me Amahi still feels to much like a BETA program to trust with my data and really doesn’t offer anything appealing over just using unRAID, which will not waste near as much space. BUT, I love playing around with new systems and have an old Athlon XP system lying around that may be converted into an Amahi server which can hold most of my old drives that may never see a home otherwise.


On another note, this was the first time I tried Fedora and I must say it looks very interesting. I run Ubuntu in a virtualbox on my Windows 7 machine all the time and do most of my browsing through it. Ubuntu is the first Linux system I have used more than a day past the initial install and while I can’t see it ever taking the place of my main OS, I have enjoyed using it. From the few minutes I spent with Fedora, I think it may replace Ubuntu as my second OS or at least become a new install in virtualbox.

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