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Since I found a Gen8 on the cheap (new), I have looked a lot at this site.


It is currently specced with:

Celeron G1610T

1x 4GB (Original)

1x 8GB hmt41gu7mfr8a-h9 (Lenovo ECC, Unbuffered)

1x WD Green 120 SSD

2x WD Red 2TB (Running dynamic disks)

All running Windows Server 2012 R2


It is currently running an Unturned gameserver, and in due time, I would like it to run something called Seafile. Since the G1610T has a TDP of 35W, I thought of buying a "new" CPU for the box. After some researching I found that the E3-1220Lv2 to be the best match. It is quite expensive... seeing as it is well sought after.

In a lapse of judgement, I ordered an I5-2390T on eBay. It is due to arrive anytime now, and now I am thinking if I did the right thing buying a cheaper CPU. I have seen proof that the CPU will work with my BIOS version (J06).


My questions are these:

1. Should I count my loses, and go for the E3-1220Lv2?

2. If it is a no to question 1, would I have to buy new RAM?


Thank you for your time.

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Go for the E3-1265l v2 insted, you can turnoff the TurboBoost in BIOS so you can get the speed down and also the power consumption and the heat.

It goes for around 120 USD on eBay.com

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The only concern with i3 and i5 CPU in the MS Gen8 is ECC support. They work with ECC memory in the server, but do they actually handle memory errors with ECC? There is no easy way to test this. If you were running ZFS or another environment that requires ECC, I would tell you to go with the XEON. I think most users that have moved to an i5 are quite happy with it. I would try the i5. If it does not meet your expectations I would take the advice given by @calby and look for a E3-1265l v2. 


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I thank you for your feedback. It is much appreciated.


I will try and run with the i5-2390T and see how it runs.


Thank you!


P.S. are there any experiences with fitting active CPU cooling?

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There are several threads on active cooling for the MS Gen8. I generally have just added a blower 40mm x 20mm on the side of the original heatsink to force air through.

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12 hours ago, schoondoggy said:

There are several threads on active cooling for the MS Gen8. I generally have just added a blower 40mm x 20mm on the side of the original heatsink to force air through.

I think I will just monitor the temperature when the i5 gets installed. Now I know it's an option.


Again, many thanks for helping a home server newbie :)

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