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Apartment Rack/Cabinet


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First post here, first off love the forum. Been snooping around for a while during my research and pulling together a home NAS. Ended up with an HP MicroServer Gen8 w/ the Core i3 and running unRAID. I currently have it in my media center and it has poor airflow and just sticks out like a sore thumb. I have been thinking about pulling together some sort of cabinet to stick in corner to clean things up a bit. My current thought is to buy a "bathroom cabinet" and put in an intake a vent fan system. Something like this and have my UPS on the outside (APC Back-ups Pro 1500).


Inside would be my microserver, a dell optiplex 3020 micro (tinkering machine), power strip connected to UPS for power, and my modem. On top would be my switch and router. I'd like some feedback or hear what other people do to organize their network gear in apartments or small spaces and don't want a full or half height rack around next to their TV. 

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