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Raid1 Dead Disk - Options?


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So my Gen8 has been happily running it's Raid 1 for nearly 4 years with 2 x WD Green 3TB (Model ATA WDC WD30EZRX-00D).

Last week I got a reported dead drive, so I powered off, reseated it, and the array rebuilt it fine.  That lasted till today, and the same disks gone, so time to replace it.


So my query is .. I'm assuming I can mix the existing 3TB Green with another model as Green's have been replaced by blue's.

And would I better off going with a Red, or just stick a blue in there?   My G8 is primarily used as a file server, FTP & Plex with a couple of Hyper V's.





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I've had good success with Reds and would not hesitate to recommend them for any "NAS" situation. Recently bought three 4TB units for an expansion and all of them were Reds.

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I have three 4T Reds running in a 4 drive setup with a Seagate 4T drive and they have played just fine together. They are not in a RAID 1 configuration, but still. I think with RAID 1 you may be better off with different drives than matched drives. The theory being that with two identical drives they are more likely to fail in "rapid" succession than with two different drives. One drive being slower probably limits overall write capability, or the one with the smaller on-drive cache. That sort of thing. How good your RAID controller is also plays a part. For a home file server, really, I'd put my preference on more reliable parts (e.g. the recommendation for the Red) than trying to optimize performance to the nth degree. I mean, hey, you were just using Greens to begin with anyway...


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