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FreeNAS Noise optimization


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I recently got me a Microserver Gen8 and was hoping you could help me bring down the fan speed a bit.

I know theres a lot on this topic, and I have already tried a lot, and tbh I'm getting desperate.

I already asked arround elsewhere and got reports of users running freenas with as low speeds as 12%.


No changes if switching between AHCI and RAID (with no actual raid configured) as well as setting Power Mode to either balanced or os control.

The drives themselves should be ok. In SSA I got down to 6% fan speed in ILO as well as a HD-Max Temp.




12GB Ram

4x4TB WD Red, either AHCI Mode or B120i Raid mode with no array configured


ILO 4.54

Bios J06 11/02/2015


Any help is much appreciated!

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