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HDD LED Pinout Help


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I've just finished building a system around the Asrock E3C236D2I C236 board and am having issues with the hard drive indicator LED and surprisingly all the other LEDs work fine. The pinout for the HDD indicator is quite unusual - usually these pinouts have a +/- or +/GND layout, however on this board there appears to be pins for all three, but only for this one LED.


  • When I connect the LED +/- it doesn't light up at all.
  • Connecting it to -/GND produces a solid light - no flickering on activity.
  • Breaking the cable out and connecting it to +/GND also produces a solid light with no flicker.


Also having the LED connected via the last two methods is intensely bright - literally blinding.


Does anyone have any ideas?




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Honestly, this is a question best answered by ASRock Rack. 


Chances are, the the solid light is "normal", but I'm not sure.   I have a haswell gen version and the light works as expected for this. 

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