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NuVision Solo 10 Draw Windows 10 Tablet w/ Sleeve and Pen $99


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Found this review on the MS Store:



For $100 this seems like an amazing deal: a Windows tablet with a pen, decent screen all in a nice slim, metal case. It's fast enough to do Word and Outlook, so paired with a bluetooth keyboard this is ideal for a kitchen table or holiday machine. However, like the 8" model that I also bought, these devices have absolutely terrible Wifi support. They simply forget at random that they have Wifi support, usually when waking from sleep. Which makes them about 99% less useful than they could be. When I first got this 10" model it worked fine, and then after a few days, PUFF! the Wifi was gone. I've rebooted multiple times and it's still missing. The support website doesn't help. Sigh. So close, but for $100 I thought it was worth the gamble.


Going to pass on this one...

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