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I own and use a HP Proliant Microserver G8 F9A40A, 2300 MHz CPU, G200, 8GB RAM, I added

a P222 RAID controller, 2 SSD's, 3 small extra fans, and currently only 2 6TB HDDs in the 4bay.

I would like to replace the PSU, mostly because it runs too hot and is very noisy, with this one:


Any ideas on if that would be strong enough? I see here https://h20566.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-c03800702&sp4ts.oid=82373

that there are two types, one is rated 150W, the other 200W. I have the spare p/n: 724497-001, which is the 200W version. The minibox pico peaks 200W, but I fear that's below spec.

Anyone experience in modding/replacing the Power Supply Unit for their Gen8?

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When you say it's too noisy is it coming from the PSU?
I had 16gb, Xeon e3.1260, p222, 4 drives and 2 SSDs and mine was fine..

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Yes, I've pinpointed it to the fan in the PSU. It's a horrible sound. High-pitchy pulsating. Heard this before on PSU fans. First thought it came from 2 older HDDs I had in the 4bay, but they weren't the cause.


I've found a good option; https://direkt.jacob.de/Netzteile/bis-400W-Watt/Streacom-ZeroFlex-240-ST-ZF240-artnr-2226466.html

A little overkill, but still fanless sounds good to my ears. I can externalize it too, in my setting that doesn't matter much, the unit is in a (dry) cellar anyway.

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