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OpenMediaVault with Syncthing plugin alternative


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Hi, I've been using OMV on debian 8 on a HP Gen8 Microserver for quite some time now, before the Gen8 I had the same thing running on an old PC. Usually I have a strong dislike for control panels and webgui's that make you want to cry when you see how it messes up the OS it is running under or over. The reason I went for OpenMediaVault is because it offers a plugin that can handle user-based syncthing instances (as many as you want) - This has been the one problem using syncthing, that I could not separate it per user, with OMV you can, and it works just wonderful. Each user has his/her own syncthing web instance on OMV.

The only gripe I have with OMV is that it stubbornly uses nginx in its own way, so whenever I want to add a site, I do it on the shell and with my own nginx config, which I've evolved over the years for many servers, but that's not how OMV wants or expects you to do it. The setup OMV uses for nginx is pretty strange, which ends up being quite annoying.

As this is a server I run at home, I decided to securely equip this with syncthing, which works wonders for relatives and close friends too, they all have their secure cloud storage on my Gen8, and I use it to backup fast across my devices myself.


I'd prefer to just use Debian or Ubuntu plain minimal, and then have webmin and syncthing on it instead of OMV and the syncthing plugin. I've tried that, but to get syncthing to offer separate instances per user is quite hard to accomplish, seemed to go wrong for me everytime I tried.

So, if anyone knows an alternative to OMV that does not use nginx, or uses a separate root for it or something, let us know here..


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    • koppa
      By koppa
      I have recently purchased a Gen 8 Microserver with plans to install OMV.
      I did a bit of reading prior (and having also got a N54L) picked up a P222 Smart Array Raid card so I could also use RAID 5 on my 4 x 8Tb WD Red Plus drives.
      I also had lying around an old 2.5" 160Gb WD Blue drive which I was going to use for the OS.
      All the extra parts and cables have been installed (power from FDD to SATA for the HDD) and everything appeared ok.
      I have configured the 160Gb drive as Raid 0 in SSA on the B120i internal controller.  However when I attempt to install OMV, it comes up with an error message when installing the files onto this drive.
      Is it possible to install an OS onto the ODD drive and boot from it.  I have read elsewhere that I may need to use either a USB or microSD card as the boot device.
      Does this drive need to be a SSD?
      Since I have plugged the SAS cable into the P222 card, I was able to configure the drives in RAID 5, however, I am now getting a error under iLO saying System Health Degraded.
      Upon further investigation, it appears to be from the P222 card, getting Error 1797 - Slot 1 Drive Array - Write-Back Cache Backup Previously failed, caching is disabled at startup.
      When I open the SSA application, there is a Warning - 823 - The cache for Smart Array P222 in Slot 1 has been disabled because the backup operation failed.
      I am unsure what could be causing this as the card has the cache and battery (both being detected).  I have tried removing the cache and reinstalling it but didn't make a difference.
      Is this a hardware issue?  I only just purchased the card so will contact the seller to advise of a faulty card.
      Any help on either of these would be greatly appreciated.
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      Does anyone know if it is possible to get Agentless Management Service (AMS) running on Debian/Ubuntu Linux? It is always showing as Not Available in the iLO page and I have only ever seen this active in Windows.
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      Hey guys,
      Has anyone around here been successful in setting up Proxmox on a Gen8 using a HBA for storage?
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      Hi there,
      I hope this topic fits here just right.
      So a few days ago, I moved my Microserver Gen8 to a friend's place and resetted it.
      When we set it up with new disks, the raid-creation in OpenMediaVault (Debian 9.6) failed.
      `smartctl` tests passed just fine though and vendor-tools also didn't report any drive errors.
      What happened?
      - I start the Raid creation via `mdadm` and after a while (random blocks and times), it fails and the second disk seems to fail (e.g. sda and sdb are creating a raid, then sdb gets "kicked out" and reread as e.g. sdd, sometimes even with only a few GB of space instead of 3TB).
      I tried attaching the second disk on ata2 and ata3, but it keeps failing. The one on ata1 works just fine though.
      I tried different disks and vendors, but get the same results.
      There are some errors in `dmesg`, but I don't know what they mean. I pasted them here: https://pastebin.com/raw/XASQJ6cy
      What I did here: I stopped the raid to re-create it, but then didn't do anything for a while and the error still came up.

      Can someone help me with this? (As a wild guess, I'd say that somethings wrong with the SATA connections at least on ata2 and ata3).

      Thanks in advance
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