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Good Morning...

A friend of mine sent me a HP Microserver. And other than booting it up and seeing all 4 Hard Drives. I'm new to servers that haven't been setup.  Most of the servers that I have ever used where for a large company.  And from the looks of it, it doesn't work like a regular Desk Top at all.  And I have looked at Free OS's to put on it. But again, the server doesn't see the CD Rom so nothing loads.  Now yesterday I changed out on of the drives with a HD that has Windows 7 Pro 64 on it. And the server see's it. But it can't get past the startup.  Granted that drive came out of a Dell Tower I have. Which I was doing my Broadcasts from. I changed the drives in the dell for a 1TB drive. As I have allot of music.  

Now what I was thinking was using this server to run like a BBS on and store Music Files for the Station I broadcast on. Maybe I am asking to much of the Server.  And I don't have to skills needed to set all this up.  Maybe I can in the future. But as of right now I just want to get this server up and running to get used to what is needed to get going in the direction I'm wanting to go. 

I'm sure if it was easy everyone would have a server.  I've used Linux in the past.   But Red Hat went into business. ANd is no longer a Free Server OS.  So if I could get some kind of direction. 

Thanks  Don aka Echo


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if you like red hat distributions there is 'centos' that is pretty much equivalent. shop around, though. lots to like out there. best bet for loading these days is a 'little' usb key, 8gb should do. 


if you want to try a windows server os you can get 180 day evals from microsoft, should let you at least check out the hardware :)


and welcome to the home server world!

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