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Customer EX470 with HDD issues


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I have a customer EX470 on my bench today that has an interesting problem. I normally jump right in and start clicking around but thought I would share it with you first. I like to document failed hard drive issues so others can learn from it. See link to an article I wrote on this issue below.




The first indication of trouble was in the Health Status. Hard drive has failed. You can see in the photo above that the drive is listed as missing.


I tried to access one of the files in a share and I can see them but can't open them. A photo for instance. It simply will not open up. This was done via RDP.


I pulled the failed drive and put it in my trusty Icy Dock external USB cradle and can see nothing on the drive. This was done on my PC.


My option is to remove the drive from the WHS storage tab. That would be the first option I would do. I've documented this before so it's nothing really new.



I also thought about adding a new drive first and see if it would rebuild on it and allow me access to the files. Then remove the bad one. I've never tried that though.


Interesting, and wondered what you thought.

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Well that didn't go like I thought it would! I tried to look at this problem with nothing else but what WHS was telling me to do. When you click remove of the bad drive it tells you all data could be lost and to add another drive. I popped in a 750Gig and added it to the drive pool. I then right clicked and removed the missing drive. Everything cleared up just fine in the console except for the backups which I was ready for. I knew those would be lost. I was expecting to lose data in the shares though. All the shares are completely empty. Even the ones that had duplication turned on.

I'm a bit stumped on this one.

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