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Gen 8 Assistance?


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I have been running a Gen8 microserver as a simple plex machine for quite some time now.  It is a stock machine on which I loaded Windows 10 OS into a Port 1 sled containing a 240 gig SSD drive.  The other three ports contain 4TB red drives which have been pooled using stablebit.  My current problem is that the SSD drive in port 1 needs replacement because of some bad sectors.  Since the drive is under warranty I will be receiving a replacement from the manufacturer shortly. 


I vaguely remember the steps in setting this machine up originally.  I know I can pull the 3 reds out (since they work just fine now) and reinstall the new ssd when it arrives.  Problem is that I don't remember the drivers I might need for this or the exact sequence for doing so.  Can anyone enlighten me?  I'd really appreciate any assistance with this.



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I would make sure Windows 10 is up to date and use the media creation tool to create a USB drive to install Windows 10 on the new drive:


Check with Stabilebit on the correct procedure to 'export' your current pool and 'import' it on a new system.

I would install Windows 10 on the new SSD with it being the only drive in the system. I am not sure if you will need any drivers for the standard stuff. You will need drivers for things like iLo. You can use the Win Server 2016 drivers for those. Once Windows 10 is up and running you can 'import' your Stabilebit pool per their instructions.

As always, be sure to have a good clean backup just in case. 

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Prior to your information, I had spoken with Chris about all of this and my pool disks are functioning as they are supposed to after some tweaking by him.  As I remember, once your stablebit disks have been formed and identified, all you need to do is ensure they are pulled from the backplane a little bit (inch or two) so there is no contact before performing an install of windows OS on the SSD.  I also believe that most (if not all) of the drivers you need will be supplied by the new installation (didn't used to be that way originally).


After the Win10 installation is finished, then the Stablebit packages have to be installed on the SSD and the 3 remaining drives pushed back into place so they can be recognized.  At least I think this is how it should be done but will listen to anyone that knows better!  I do need to check on the import -- export procedure as I haven't ever done that before.


Guess we'll see what this adventure will produce ... hopefully everything will turn out A-OK.

Thank you for your advice and encouragement.




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