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SDM-BETA in Gen10 MicroServer

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I already had been running with a SDM-BETA in the G10 MS with a Samsung SSD mounted on it.  I switched out the Samsung and replaced it with a WL500GLSA8100 10K RPM 500GB 2.5" drive and it has been running well for some time now.  Works well IMO.











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How long are the SATA cables to reach the OS SSD drive in the ODD bay? And is it better to use straight or angled connectors at either end?

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I used standard 18" SATA III cables with straight connectors on each end.  

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      There are few things you should know about this model - it is expensive compared to many other 8Tb models, it has extended warranty, it is made with closed drive case so the mounting holes are not screwed through.
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