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Home Security System Advice?


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I have a family member that just lost her husband so she is living a lone and asked me for advice on a security system that only has a local siren with no monthly fee's for monitoring. I explained to her that a security system that does not have monitoring kind of def the purpose and she said she knows but she does not want fees and only is concerned when she is home.


I found a system called Scout Alarm Reviewed by CNET and I was wondering if anybody has used it? It seems to not only sound a local siren but also send notification to your phone. Any other advice for a security system that does not require a monthly monitoring fee is welcome.


Thank you in advance...

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Simple Safe is very affordable at $15 per, if you can talk her into a service:


The Almond router has security and a siren and does not require a service:


You could also build a system around home automation products with no monthly service. You could start with a hub from SmartThings or Insteon and add sensors and siren:



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Is she interested in home surveillance at all? I am just starting to look into this for my place (already use Vivint for security but it is a monthly fee) and everyone that I know that does both has told me to never combine the two. Primarily due to monthly costs skyrocket for most systems that are combined but they seem to like having the separate control/viewing as well.

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The Leviton Omni system can do a complete stand alone system.  It can be wired into some sirens in the home, and it looks and acts just like any paid system.  The system can also be monitored if she ever got to the point that she did want that.



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