HP Microserver Gen 10 will start at $399

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    • CinatTuhYeliah
      By CinatTuhYeliah
      Hi all,
      I'm sure this question has been asked a hundred times before me. I've been searching and installing for days and days to no avail, and I think it's time to ask.
      I've got myself an HP G1610T which has all SATA bays populated - 4x 4TB drives.
      When the system was originally set up, I had FreeNAS installed to USB/SD card and the drives were configured with ZFS. Everything works (well, worked) a treat.
      My needs changed and so I set about changing to Ubuntu Server on the USB/SD card. Ubuntu has zfs support installed through apt which picked up my NAS drives and datasets no problem. This worked fine until the swap partition failed on the USB/SD for whatever reason, and all attempts to recover the SD Card have failed so far (I've given up hope and no longer care for it).
      Now I'm trying to boot Ubuntu Server from an SSD which is plugged in to the ODD SATA port. I've read conflicting statements - It can't be done/It can be done. I've read you need to chainload the operating system with grub on a USB to boot Ubuntu. The list goes on. I can successfully install Ubuntu Server to USB with no problem, boot up, and do what I want, but the install seems to do not set up the Logical Volume and Volume Groups properly when installing to the SSD, and Grub fails to boot when chainloaded.
      Does anyone have a relatively simple explanation of how I can go about booting my OS from the SSD? I'm preferring to keep all my data in tact where possible.
      Assistance would be greatly appreciated! 
    • Joe_Miner
      By Joe_Miner
      I already had been running with a SDM-BETA in the G10 MS with a Samsung SSD mounted on it.  I switched out the Samsung and replaced it with a WL500GLSA8100 10K RPM 500GB 2.5" drive and it has been running well for some time now.  Works well IMO.

    • Joe_Miner
      By Joe_Miner
      I wanted to see how well the EZConvert (by Icy Dock) would work in the Gen10 so I removed two 3.5" drives from the main Cage and loaded to WD Red's 2.5" drives in EZConverts and loaded them into the Gen10 MicroServer.  Everything lined up and it was an easy changeout!




      Shortly after this I installed MS Office 365 onto the Gen10 and loaded some of my really big spreadsheets -- I thought the response was good and the graphics display of Excel generated graphs was great!  IMO.