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Anyone using this phone as their main cell phone yet? If so how do you like it and what phone did you change from. Verizon will not have this phone till next year so I am getting ready!

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$3.99 eh? Well, that's not much at all. jtone if you are having questions about $3.99 I'll paypal you $5 if you review it for the blog!

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I picked up the HTC HD7 from T-Mobile, it’s the first smart phone that i have had, so i upgraded from a simple Samsung with a slide out keyboard. So far I think the phone is awesome! It was so easy to set up my exchange, yahoo and live Accounts. The Office on the phone (As an SmallBus network tech timesheets are so time consuming, and this allows me to quickly type it all in right away) is synced to the sky drive, so I can view it from any computer.


I might not be able to compare this to any other smart phone personally, but I would recommend it!


As far as the Home Server App, I just saw the it and was just trying to see if anyone else with a winpho7 has gotten it yet.

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Hey Jtone,


Glad to hear you got it. Please come back and tell us if you like it and if it's useful. I'm a phone geek as much as I'm a server geek!

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I have been testing this app out and it works pretty well. The streaming music section is awesome (you can add music to a play list ton your phone so it will remember which songs you want to play)! It loads up faster than zune streaming. It adds a section to the share photos to go directly to a mobile upload file on the server too which is neat (don’t have to open up the app to send it). You can view all the photos on your server(it was a little sluggish on the loading of them for me over 3g, and there is no way to switch between photos without backing up everytime). I know that video is not available yet, but from what i have read it is something the author wants to do. It displays the server health, shares (and if they are duplicated and permissions), which computers are online (and their IP), Disk Space, Manage users (Permissions). I know that the author is taking in ideas on how to improve the app and will get better over time. I think it was worth the $3.99.


It was very easy to setup, enter your homeserver domain address, port, username, and password and you are set.

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