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Server 2012 r2 basic configuratio. noob at work!


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For testing I had WHS 2011 running on my Gen8 serving music through Asset UPNP server. It had only one disc but needed to add more. Then I realized there was nothing like a Drive Extender I knew from WHS V1 on my EX490. I was told that 2012 R2 had some sort of Drive Extender/Drive Pool functionality and decided that I wanted to try Windows Server 2012 R2 and hoped it would connect to my WORKGROUP and that, just like with with WHS 2011 I could use a connector client on my laptop to connect to the server and manage it.


After installation on WS 2012 R2 I am in my WORKGROUP and the server also shows on my home network, but I cant connect to my server like I could with WHS2011. http://servername/Connect results in a "page can not be displayed" error.


Is this at all possible? If so, what needs to be done on the server? Do I need to add AD, DHCP and DNS roles? I saw this mentioned, or is there more that needs to be done? Can someone please esplain or point to a guide? 

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Tried both, with same result. Should I be able to use a client to connect to the server? The server is on the network, I can see it listed on my laptop. Don't know if have to set up any roles or features.

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What SKU of Windows Server are you using? 


If you're using "Standard" or "Datacenter", then you don't get the WHS type code by default.  In fact, you would need to install the "Windows Server Essentials Experience" role before you could even do so.


And if you are using the Essentials SKU, you're going to need to log into the server directly, and complete the setup wizard BEFORE you can connect to the system. 


Once you get that set up, you may want to do this: 



This will make things more like WHS, and not require you to use the whole domain stuff (AD, DNS, etc), as that maybe "too much" for you (no offense, but domains are very complicated). 



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