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Install Windows10 64bitPro on HP ML10?


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Hello all,


I found John Stutsman's great YouTube video today at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2p2wHgpT68 with excellent details on installing Windows 10 as the OS on an ML30.


I'm thinking about buying this guy:




and wondered if the same install procedure would be OK, end game being to get Windows 10 installed on the box as the OS (even if its not listed as supported by HP)


Apologies in advance for any error in post / forum category etc. First time here today - thanks in advance


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I should add thats Win10, 64bit, Pro OEM version
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I would expect Windows 10 to run fine on it. The things that will be different, the ML10 Gen9 does not have iLo or Intelligent Provisioning. The main ML10 Gen9 post has some updated info by other users.

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  • 5 months later...

I am trying to install WIndows 10 Pro64 on a DVD onto a HP Proliant ML10 Gen9 with the I3 processor.  I added several drives to the box and then I inserted the DVD into the drive and started it up.  After a couple tries, I got into the Boot menu (F7) and selected the UEFI: HPE DVDRW DU8AESH.  The DVD came up and was able to go through a 10 install.  I then went to file explorer and could see my C: 500 gig drive with Windows 10 on it and my first two 1 terabyte drives and not the last two drives.  After a little more using windows, the screen went bland and  the monitor said No Signal.  I turned off and turned it on and got initial BIOS screen, waited for computer and it started to go through the IP4 connection, the IP6 connection etc.  I then went into the Boot setup and set the Windows Boot Manager as the first boot priority.  Now it gets to BIOS screen and then flashes HWMonitor configuration Done.  I then get the rotating dots for a bit and then No Signal and never boots to Windows.  I have gone through this Windows 10 install three times and I get the same thing over and over (yea I know I am insane....) Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I am new to severs and thought this would be a good one to start on.  This is for my home.  I wanted to consolidate several external drives and considered a NAS but I have a laptop and they would be plugged into it and may not be handy to drag around.  Is this possible with this computer. I would hope so.  OR do I just get a desktop that will hold DVD, C: drive and 4 more hard drives.  Which I really could not find and ended up going with this server.  Sorry for being so winded and apologies if this is wrong form as I am new to this.  Thanks again. Denis

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I am not exactly sure what is happening on your server. You may want to try switching from UEFI to legacy, to swe if that works better.
I am a little confused about your laptop and external drives. Are you planning on moving the data from the external drives to the drives in the server or are you just going to connect them to the server?

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Thanks schoondoggy.  I found this article https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=mmr_sf-EN_US000006828 

and did the changes and saved out.  In BIOS Advanced tab>CSM Configuration>Boot option filter is now [Legacy only].  Under Boot tab I had the PO: HPE DVDRW as my Boot Option #1 and all the other P4, P2 ethernet controller and rest was no longer in the list.  I rebooted and the Windows 10 Pro off of the DVD came up and I went through the reinstall again.  After the install and normal 3 times it reboots in order to complete, I had what looked like a Windows 10 running.  System Info looked good, but in the file explorer I could only see the C:\ 500 gigabyte Seagate drive with Windows, D:\ my empty formatted 1 terabyte Hitachi drive, E:\ a 1 terabyte Hitachi drive with some data on it and I could get to the data.  But the other two 1 terabyte Seagate drives in the computer were not displayed.  Interesting!  I rebooted and went into the BIOS and under Advanced>SATA Configuration, and the DVDRW along with the 500GB drive and the 4 1 terabyte drives are all listed.  Under Boot tab Boot Option #1 is P0: HPE DVDTW, Boot Option #2 has P1: St9500325AS (which is the 500GB Seagate with windows now on it, and Boot Option #3 has IBA CL Slot 00FE v0106 (whatever that is).  Rebooted and prompted for the press any key to boot off of CD/DVD... and I just let it go and it booted into windows.  Hurray!!  Left it run all night and this morning I have the no signal screen.  I thought it my have just gone into sleep/hibernation mode.  I moved my mouse, pressed some keys and nothing.  I pressed the power key in and out quickly and nothing.  I powered down the computer by holding in the Power key for a while.  Started the computer back up and it went through BIOS startup and asked about the press any key to start off of CD/DVD and I let it go.  After a few seconds the slanty 4 pane window logo is on the screen with the rotating dots below it.  After a few seconds, the screen goes blank and then after a few more seconds I get the no signal and nothing happens from there.  I turned off the computer and went into BIOS and change the Boot Option to have the 500GB Seagate with windows on it to be first with the CD/DVD as second and that IBA stuff still as third.  Save and exit and the computer restarts and goes straight into the slanty 4 pane window with the rotating dots below it and it does the same thing, going blank and then the no signal message.  So now I am really stumped.  Any other thoughts?


Regarding the external drives and my laptop, I only brought that up to let you know why I went to the Proliant.  I wanted a box big enough to hold the 500GB drive and the 4 1 terabyte drives in the same box.  And that is what I did was move all those external drives out of there cases and put them into the Proliant.  Again this is just for my home use to share these drives out, be able to do some backup to them from my other family members computers and not really interested in RAID yet.   Hoping to maybe setup as a media server via PLEX or something like that.  Do I abandon this box (hope I do not have to). Find something else to hold these drives but I did not seem to find any.  Do I pull the motherboard out and put in a ASUS or something like that if it would fit with enough SATA ports?????  (I have built some computers previously, so would not be foreign to me.)

Thanks again Denis

PS: I made the windows install DVD disk and it was burned from the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro website.  And since it seems to go through the install OK, I am assuming that it is OK.

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