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Do people STILL not lock their phones? ZDNet Article on iOS Transition

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I like this author but he seems to blame  MicroSD technology for user error. I used to love a phone that supported upgradeable storage but finally bit the bullet and went with a 128Gb Pixel XL and couldn't be happier.  No errors with the card, no worries with drops, and faster storage.

Secondly, this all could have been avoided by locking the phone! No, you might not get it back, but your worries are gone, and scumbag thief has a bricked device. A good home warranty will replace that handset.






There are many reasons people choose one operating system over another and no single OS is best for everyone. Here are the primary reasons my wife decided to give the iPhone a try:

  • Internal storage: The insecure external storage was one factor in choosing a phone with only internal storage as my wife is still creeped out that the thief can check out all the photos she has taken for the past year. When an iPhone is hard reset, everything is wiped so there would be no photos left in the internal storage. I never remove the microSD cards from my Android phones and think only having internal storage capacity may indeed be best for the masses.
  • iOS ecosystem: With all three of our daughters full time on an iPhone, and me on the 7 Plus about half the time, it is handy using iMessage, FaceTime, and Find My Friends with a group of iOS users. We are often out and about so having the ability to easily find each other has already proven useful in the past 10 days since she has had an iPhone.
  • Apple Store: The ability to visit a local retail store to get things fixed, buy accessories, and ask questions is useful. Just a couple of weeks ago, my daughter's iPhone 7 display failed and wouldn't let her use her phone. She took it to an Apple Store and an hour later walked out with a new replacement at no charge. There's something to be said for having a store available to provide these services. With Samsung's dominant market share, you would think there would be Samsung stores to provide such services so the Apple Store really does set the iPhone experience apart from the rest.


The last two points I get. No arguments there.  Seriously folks. Upgrade from your old Galaxy S3, Ahem Avram Piltch, get a decent phone and a good home warranty coverage for your portables.


Read the rest of this article and pay attention to the Transition section. These points and many more make it VERY hard for me to consider an iOS device as my daily handset.

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      RESET Forums now has an Android app on the Google Play Store.  I don't see it via search since it just hit but I have a hard link to it.
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      If you have been listening to SurfaceGeeks or the Agnostic Tech Podcast, you know I am back on Windows Phone fulltime. It was the Lumia 635 (which I got with an Xbox Music Pass for $99) that reminded me how much I love the OS.
      Since getting the Lumia 635 in my hands, I have tried the Lumia 830 and the HTC One M8. Oddly enough, I think my favorite is still the Lumia 635. It is an unbelievable value at the $30-50 price points it can be found for now.
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      The Lumia 830 rubbed me the wrong way. The back was super flimsy and it felt cheap. Wireless charging didn't always work. It also didn't feel much faster than the 512MB Snapdragon 400 phones like the Lumia 635. I don't have much more to say as I only kept it a few days.
      The Lumia 635 just feels great in the hand. The back comes off easily, but doesn't feel mushy when on the device. The screen is solid, although not having an oleophobic coating is an annoyance. Microsoft (Nokia) uses "Easy to clean" under their products specifications to tell us if a device has an oleophobic coating or not. For a 512MB RAM device, it isn't THAT bad. Although I will see the dreaded "Resuming..." screen way more than I'd prefer. (It is virtually never seen on the HTC One M8 with it's 2GB RAM.)
      I've been reading and watching videos about the newly announced 640 XL. I think I am in love. It is a 635 on steroids. Same processor, but 1GB RAM, 5.7" IPS ClearBlack "East to clean" (oleophobic coated) screen that hands-on videos make look very solid. It has a 13MP camera with Zeiss Optics that is likely better than the HTC One M8 and a great front facing 5MP shooter for Skype/selfies. Running the latest and greatest Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 software is appealing as it adds an improved settings menu, ability to pin settings to the home screen and Bluetooth keyboard support. I also feel the device will be one of the closest I can get to the Nexus 6. (I can't find a 1520.3 variant in black too easily and don't really want a device that old, and it is a beastly sized device.)
      So stay tuned to SurfaceGeeks and the Agnostic Tech Podcast to hear when I can get the 640 XL LTE variant here in the states, and if it ends up being the right device for me. It feels like fall is a longtime away and I am enjoying being back on the platform now, hence why I don't just wait for the new flagship(s).
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      Release a surface phone?
      Offer a Pure Windows experience without the bloat like they do with PCs? (Android is moving in that direction with the HTC One and Samsung GS4 stock offerings)
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