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Hey so I'm a recent fan of the podcast and so far am having fun going through the old episodes and getting caught up on the discussion.  Lots to learn in the Home Automation world.  I'm a fairly competent hobbiest - i usually build my own PCs.  Going to be trying my hand at a laptop next once that one dies.  

Ok to my problem.   We just moved to a new house with lots more space.  Yay!  The old place was a 1200 square foot place - little shoe box basically.  Now we're in 4600 sqft with 5 BR, a couple large living rooms, bed rooms spread all over, 3 car garage.  I'm starting to peel back the layers a bit to see what's under the hood and to my delight, I found that the builder ran CAT5e for the phone jacks (just twisted 2 pair and ignored the others).  I have COAX in most of the rooms as well (but not in the same locations and not all in the same rooms).  These all run from a central point in the basement utility room.  Those wires are all currently just banded together with very little organization.  The FIOS installer used a splitter to activate a few of the COAX runs and use a wall jack up in the living space to install the FIOS Router and a white COAX/Ethernet Bridge device.  I have an appleTV device, a PC computer with a wired/wireless networking capability, an XBOX360, a home theater system with only an ethernet port.  We also run a few iPhones and iPads through the house on the wifi.  

I can handle the first couple steps but if anyone has suggestions on this please advise:

1 - to have all the COAX set up in a box in the basement to distribute that data through the house.  We have about 15 cable runs through the house.

2 - repurpose the phone jacks through the house to Cat5e network data jacks.  will require a punchdown rack mounted box in the basement sending signal out.  also will need new wall jacks and punchdown fittings.  On a few walls... I have a jack on one side of the wall that i would also like to have a live connection on the other side.  (i.e. the current run is to a bedroom, i'd like to keep the bedroom active as well as directly on the other side into that living space.

Once I have this distribution solution in place is where i start to get a bit fuzzy.  The end state once im done is the following ideas:

I would like to start to add Apple HomeKit devices throughout the house.  I'd like to be able to see all wired and wireless devices on the network.  I'd like to have flexibility to install wall mounted home control panels at the once main entry and perhaps in the kitchen.  Home Automation goals to include;  motion activated lighting.  Scene selected lighting.  Whole home audio.  Distributed AV to the TVs.  Locks.  exterior Cameras.  Interior cameras at entry doors, in the garage, basement utility room.  Water Sensors.  I would like to have a router in the basement utility room send data through the ethernet but also utilize the wireless router for the wifi - and have all that still able to talk to each other.  Most if not all the home automation hardware will be on the wifi but i might have cameras on the wired ethernet in some places - would just depend on layout etc.  

I am at the very beginning stages of planning this out.  The only real commitment I have made is to the Apple HomeKit universe, which is entirely based on security and simplicity.  I would prefer to keep the number of required apps and software interface among the devices as low as possible.  I plan on adding the HomePod device as it becomes available.  Also for note... the WAF (wife acceptance factor) is a concern.  



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