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MicroServer Gen10 video from HPE


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I agree it just needs a little pickle to go with the cheese on offer but I do like the ad :)

I'd probably buy one if it wasn't for the AMD chip.

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If I can find a low profile m.2 raid it might be a replacement want to see the cost for the 4 core, or maybe we should evaluate it is a a NAS with the clearOS

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The clearOS does look pretty cool for a plug and play solution. But to me, that suggests that the lack of G8 features on this new one highlights that it's not a proper enterprise server and is more a home system.

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Gen8 was/still is so popular because of many angles: it is cheap, it can be upgraded, it has enterprice features, it can run enterprice OS , has custom HPE image for ESXi, can be used as a NAS. Can be used by Entreprises  as a remote, branch, small backup server, can be used by ones in a home labs. I can go on and on, but the point is that it is a good server from every perspective.


Gen10 - small workstation, video surveillance, POS payment terminal together as a branch small server(maybe).  But the target customers aren't same , i doubt that ones, who has Gen8, now will upgrade to Gen10... A lot of disappointment going through the forums aswell.

Build quality looks also cheaper, that panel looks very cheap even corners not match in HPE video.


I hope HPE will correct things in a year or so releasing Gen10 V2 based on C236 chipset, iLO, and E3 1200 v5/v6 CPU :) (Probably not)

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11 hours ago, FreeN@S said:

it has enterprice features

"Enterprice" - can I borrow that word please :lol:

Not likely to tempt me if the entry level is $399.

I think the N36L and especially the GEN8 will be elevated to 'classic' status at some point in the future, but their era appears to be over ...

... the GEN10 is looking like the old HP WHS device: inflexible and expensive - might as well just repurpose any old PC.


"Gen10 - small workstation"

No way, workstation class means at least 2 full size graphics cards and 128GB memory!

Not even a gaming PC!


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The new Gen 10 Microserver is just such a disappointment, after firstly waiting for nearly 4 years for a new model and secondly compared to the Gen 8 it is a step backwards, with all the features that have been dropped from the Gen 8. 

To me the new Gen 10,  feels like a Gen 7 Microserver, with the same soldered AMD cpu and no ILO and no proper server level raid, with the only difference being that it is now in a Gen 8/Gen 10 looking case and runs DDR4. 


I ran Passmark 8.0 on my Gen 8 Microserver to compare it against the Gen 10 Microserver results, as I was looking to upgrade to the new Microserver prior to the specs being released.


ILO4 and removable cpu socket was one of the biggest features for the Gen 8 Microserver and made it a true mini version of its Proliant big brothers.

I optioned my Gen 8 Microserver  with all the HP options available and also installed a Xeon processor.  With the following specs below, even though it scored a lower total Passmark Rating , which was only due to the 3d Graphics Mark score being so low, as the G200 is not a 3d gpu, it scored higher in every other category compared to the Gen 10. All these tests were done, while the server was running Windows 2012 and also has Exchange and SQL Server running as well.


So based on that, I'd say the Gen 8 is still the fastest and best Microserver that HP has made, that has the most options and can be used as a true server, with complete remote access and proper server level raid controllers. 


Even though the Gen 10 Microserver has a better 3d graphics gpu, for realword server use, when using the Microserver to run Windows server and Exchange/SQL Server for example, a 3d gpu is useless and having ILO4, the ability to change cpus to a  faster Xeon cpu and a faster Raid setup is much more important..


I hope that for that next version of the Microserver ( the Gen 11 or Gen 12 or whatever they decide next), that HP put back in all the features they took out, especially ILO4 and removable cpu socket.


My Gen 8 Specs - All HP factory options except for the Xeon processor.

Gen 8 Microserver with the following options:

Xeon 1270 V2 cpu

16GB HPE SmartMemory - DDR 3 - 1333

HP P222 FBWC Raid Controller with 512MB Cache Module

4 x 3GB Sata Drives in Raid 6


ILO4 Advanced Licence




Summary Page 1.png

Summary Page 2.png

System Page 1.png

System 1.png

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