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Harmony Hub and Alexa Can't get Turn off my tv working

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17 minutes ago, Dave said:

Richard Gunther pinged me on Twitter and said you could swap those FWD and FFWD button actions.  I have yet to look for how to do it though.


Its easy.. in the harmony app on the phone (assuming iphone) go into the menu-harmony setup-add/edit devices and activities-remote & hub and then  you should see button customization for your remote.  There you select them and assign what you want.  On the desktop software is similar.  Just need to swap the buttons.


I did it change the page up and channel up buttons for my HTPC.  I do a lot of customization of the buttons so they do what I want.

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Got it.  Thank you!  I was in this screen at one time but I was unaware I could change ALL the buttons.  It had some highlighted buttons that I changed and said "Buttons Highlighted in orange are unassigned." and I misinterpreted that to mean I couldn't change anything else.  Very nice!



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Alex will turn my TV on and off. It however won't control Plex very well. 

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