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    • schoondoggy
      By schoondoggy
      Interesting read on Sonos:


    • Brucecs63
      By Brucecs63
      I am first trying something simple like turning on/off my TV/cable box by issuing a voice command to Echo by creating a recipe on IFTTT.com.  The recipe activates a activity I created on the Harmony to turn on the TV and cable box.  It infrequent works.  I believe the remote for the Harmony Hub is the Harmony Touch.
      What does work all the time.  I can go to device on the Harmony Touch and send commands to the Harmony Hub to send out the IR commands to turn the devices on all the time.  The same can be said using the Harmony app on my smartphone.  So that works flawlessly.
      Then things go downhill.  I trigger the activity on the Harmony Touch or app to turn off and on the TV/cable box.  I can sometimes turn off the TV/cable box, but most often doesn't turn back on. If the equipment is off for a bit, Sometimes it does turn on.  I wonder if there is some sort of delay between activities????  I found nothing that suggests that.
      When I issue a voice command through the Echo, it acknowledges the command.. not sure what it is saying, but this hardly works.
      The physically connection between the Harmony Hub and my router shouldn't be a problem.  Right now the Hub is sitting on top of my Netgear router.  Because I have some older Wi-Fi devices, I am using 802.11g and 802.11b Wi-Fi settings.. if that makes a difference.  Right now the Harmony Hub is running DHCP.  I don't know if I need to make it a static IP with a specific port forward address??  I know when I have problems it isn't working, I can steady ping the Hub from my laptop through the router, so that connection is good.  Using the app and connecting to the hub through the internet is also good.  Not using Wi-Fi connection on my smartphone, but mobile data connection.
      I cant find on the IFTTT.com website how to re-register the Harmony Hub, if that is part of the problem.  There is a log on the IFTTT.com, but I cant figure out what the error is, what it means.
      any help or ideas??  TIA
    • DaMenace
      By DaMenace
      Has anyone attempted to import ITUNES video and Music on a MAC into PLEX running Windows 10?
    • Dave
      By Dave
      Anyone want to hang out on Tuesday during the apple keynote? We can all jump into the /live page and chat. Haters are welcome too!
    • Dave
      By Dave
      I've been getting frustrated with ZumoCast for the iPad and Windows ever since Motorola bought it. They are obviously working on Android more than iOS now which is understood but still a letdown.
      With Zumo I could browse my DVD directory and my converted TV shows directory and transfer files to the iPad over Wi-Fi without having to sync with iTunes.
      I used to use Air Video but the service fails to start now for some reason. Un-install, reinstall it starts but on reboots it fails.
      Boxee for iPad was disappointing. Have not tried Orb yet.
      I thought I would throw it out there to you guys and see what you use.
      Orb, PolKast, ZumoCast, Air Video. iOS, Android, WebOS, whatever. Stream, transfer, watch live.