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M1015 thoughts?


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I've just purchased a HP MS Gen8 and plan to run VMWare ESXi as the OS, and run FreeNAS and Windows Server as guests, while FreeNAS manages the hard drives through HBA passthru. After reading some posts, it seems that cross-flashed IBM M1015 could fit the need, I just wonder that if this card will cause overheating without extra fans? I knew the P222 would rise the temperature to around 85C without additional fans. I just don't bother to install extra fans.



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9 minutes ago, schoondoggy said:

It would be good to get a fan on it as well. 

OK... So a fan is a must I guess? I've looked at Marvell 88SE9230 before, since that one looks to have a very low TDP (and I'm using 1220Lv2 for this reason as well), but unfortunately that one does not support passthrough mode.

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