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Server is forcing it's IP into clients as DNS server


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It suddenly came to me why my computer acts wonky when I've got the server running.  I checked the IPv4 properties and the server IP address was selected as the preferred DNS server.  I don't want that.  I tried resetting it to obtain DNS server address automatically but after rebooting it was reset again to the server IP.

Must I force the address to my router?  Or, preferably, is there a setting in the server to keep it from resetting the client computers?

edit: Clients are all Windows 7 computers (pro and home)



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This is entirely normal, and ... if you were joined to the domain and it was configured properly, then this wouldn't even be an issue.  But for most people..... 

If you're okay with this, then make sure you configure the "DNS" role on the server so that the "DNS Forwarders" are configured to a proper (and working) DNS server.  

Otherwise, do this: https://tinkertry.com/how-to-make-windows-server-2012-r2-essentials-client-connector-install-behave-just-like-windows-home-server

Specifically, the "SkipAutoDNSServerDetection" option. This will stop it from updating the DNS server on the client. 

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Well, as you may have assumed (correctly, I might add) I am not most people, lol. :)

This is a replacement for my old WHS v1 server that I adored and worked perfectly. :(

Would using the server as the DNS server be a way to block certain websites?  Would I be able to do that on a client-by-client basis, or would it be a global function, so to speak?  Basically, can I use it to filter out websites per user?

Oooh, nice link.  Thanks for that!



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Block certain websites? Yes, by adding invalid entries for those domains. But this is a lot of work and time consuming. But you *could* point the server to OpenDNS and let them handle that work. :)

Would you be able to do it on a client by client basis?  No idea.  I think so, but I have no idea how to do so (I've never tried).

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Should I call you Drashna or Christopher?  

I wanted to thank you again for the link you posted about getting the server to act more like WHS.  It worked like a champ on this new Win10 Pro laptop.  I honestly can't thank you enough.  :)

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