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    • ColinBrough
      By ColinBrough
      My old Proliant Microserver - a N36L running XUbuntu - died recently (PSU issues). I've replaced it with a Gen8 Microserver, but am really struggling to install the OS... Can't find the things I think I want in the BIOS, and since the N36L, there is a whole load of lingo to pick up.... HP Smart Array Controllers, HP Smart Memory, iLO, Intelligent Provisioning...
      I have 4x HDDs in the server (all different sizes!), and I want to end up with the OS on a partition on one of them, with data on all the rest, and no RAID - and retaining the data that is on at least one of those drives...
      If I boot from the latest XUbuntu ISO on a memory stick, I can partition the drives OK, and appear to install the OS OK. But then when I try and reboot it doesn't detect the OS on the HDD... so it ends up falling back to trying to boot from the network, failing, then looping...
      From I've read I think I need to do something to the Smart Array Controller to make it run in dumb/AHCI mode. But how? I can't find the relevant option...
      Confession: having not realised the complexity when I first powered up the machine, I have no idea what random options I may have inadvertently selected not knowing their name/significance!
      Is there a step by step to installing a Linux variant on a Gen8 Microserver that doesn't do RAID somewhere? Not found one yet...
      Links below are to two (slightly shaky, sorry!) videos of where I've got to so far. First is of a successful boot into the XUbuntu installer from a memory stick. Second is a boot showing the failure to find any boot media, then into the HPE Smart Storage administrator - and my lack of ability to find any options to select AHCI mode or similar...
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/k18fd30k2i7syfg/2017-06-15 21.47.40.mp4?dl=0
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ecd2tth183b6ym/2017-06-15 22.42.20.mp4?dl=0
      Feels like one of those old text adventures where you are lost in a forest of impenetrable jargon terms, and you can't quite distinguish where you are from where you expected to be, except you can't quite achieve what you want to!! Aaargh.
    • Dave
      By Dave
      HP says "less than $399" so $398.99?

      Watch their video here:
    • Joe_Miner
      By Joe_Miner
      Just for fun, I attached a USB external DVD drive to the Gen10 MicroServer and played Star Wars: Rogue One.  I had loaded PowerDVD onto the MicroServer.
      Used a DP1.2 to HDMI active converter and the sound played through on the Monitor Speakers.
      I've been playing a lot of streaming videos (from my home server and from Amazon Prime) without problems too.