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Comparing the HPE ProLiant Gen10 MicroServer BETA to Previous MicroServers

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26 minutes ago, yodafett said:

Think I will be moving to a Dell T130 or a ML30 if I move to new platform.  Rather get 64MB with iLO/Drac and options compared to a soldered chip.   Or possible a Xeon-D and Virtuallize everything.

thats what i'm thinking of, buy a Supermicro SuperServer 5028D-TN4T , or HPE realize their mistake, and do a quick rework of microserver to a V2 version. I hope sales will tell that they're wrong this time...

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Well, this V10 looks really ugly and cheap. That kind of black plastic does not look the same as the old V8. And I also prefer the old HDD cages with bracket.

Anyway, I receive:

- 32GB RAM vs 16GB in the old one

- better GPU and DP (I do not need it)

And I loose:

- iLO + IP

- integrated RAID controller B120i

- swappable CPU (comparison here between AMD Opteron X3421 APU and Intel Xeon E3-1265L V2: http://cpubenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=3026&cmp[]=1486 )

The RAM limit cannot be extended, but for a better GPU I will definitely prefer GT 1030 with 4K resolution supported for 70$ instead of the integrated one from APU.

In conclusion, I think I will buy a new Gen8 just to have. Last time I found it for 250$ (stock G1610T + 2GB ram) but the upgrades were also decently priced. I do not think this one will be cheeaper.

Maybe this one can be an option for someone who needs a small PC/media server but usually when you need a small PC you need also a good gaming video card to play on, and then you need cooling and there are much better options there for small cases with good ventilation.

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My use case of  2 x HP Microservers Gen8 :

1. Bare metal FreeNAS 9.10 in a DR site. i3-3240 / 6GB RAM

2. ESXi 6.0u3 with E3 1230 V2 / 16GB RAM . IBM M1015 IT passtrough in a FreeNAS 9.10 VM. Plex and other stuff in Freenas jails. Several VMs of Win10 and Windows server 2012 R2 and SQL on ESXi.  All serving my home as a lab server , test server , practice and etc.   Both is working very well , performance is good. Very good indeed.

I can't buy Gen10 because : no iLO, FreeBSD not supported ( marvell has issues with ZFS) , ESXi not supported and i think if you need ESXi on Gen10 you will need new disk controller and network card, no custom HP image also. So both slots PCIe will be used. So no advantage at all. Even if you get ESXi installed, APU is not strong enough. What a loss compared to a Gen8... And it took 4 years to HP to release this....


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How about power consumption under load and idle?

(barebone system without drives)


7 hours ago, OctavianH said:

- swappable CPU (comparison here between AMD Opteron X3421 APU and Intel Xeon E3-1265L V2: http://cpubenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=3026&cmp[]=1486 )

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29 minutes ago, Notbugged said:

How about power consumption under load and idle?

(barebone system without drives)


I was seeing 29.7W this morning idle but it wasn't bare bones

That's slightly higher (as I recall) than what I was seeing when it was bare bones with only the Samsung OS drive and 8GB RAM and one monitor -- I was watching the power a lot early on -- I need to check thru my pics and videos


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And compare to 1265L v2? 

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3 hours ago, Notbugged said:

And compare to 1265L v2? 

Comparison of CPU PassMark Performance Indices -- the Xeon E3-1265Lv2 has an average PassMark score of 8142 (8142 is what I measured in my Gen8 3+ yrs ago, PassMark now shows a score of 7745 for the 1265Lv2) or about 159% of the 5108 I saw with my first PassMark test of the Gen10 (though the 2nd time I tested it the Gen10 came out a little higher at CPU 5147 & System 2225).

The overall PassMark Performance of the Gen10 was 2208 compared to the Gen8 at 614 -- so by that measure the Gen10 is 360% of the Gen8 with a E3-1265Lv2 (or if the Gen10 is 100% the Gen8 is 28%.

2017-06-09 PassMark Performance.JPG

2017-06-09 Gen8 PassMark total System.JPG

2017-06-09 Gen10 PassMark total System.JPG

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Thanks! How about the power consumption?

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I really like this new Gen10!!!. Its going back to its original G7 roots and design concepts.


  • No extortionate Intel pricing. Back to AMD with an impressive 5k passmark (better than your modern ultrabook i5s and i7s) This was the original reasoning behind a microserver.
  • 2 PCI slots, presumably you can buy an iLO solution if you really need one, just like in the past.
  • 6 Sata ports. With some modding, you can have an SSD and a 5th LFF drive.
  • iGPU which supports 4k (and beats Intel iGPU based on the passmark). Perfect for HTPC, CCTV, Encoding etc. In Gen8s there was an iGPU but it couldnt be used due to the iLO architecture. 


I would even argue that for most people there is no need for 2 PCI slots now that we have an impressive iGPU, 6 SATA ports and dual NICs. The two slots are now just a bonus feature for "real" expansion and not compensating for the lack of an iGPU or single NICs or adding more internal drives.

The Gen8 "RAID" controller was a CPU based software RAID causing further overheads. I dont really consider this a loss. You now have 2 PCI slots if you need real RAID.


The only real downside is the soldered APU, but the 5k bench/4cores are nothing to be scoffed at. Intels options were marginally better and this APU is light-years ahead of the original NL54 CPU, WHICH PEOPLE STILL USE TO THIS DAY :D


Best of all. You are not paying Intel. Yes Please.

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don't forget that one slot is not usefull at all : it is x1 electrical. So you can't add 10Gbe network card and you can't add controller/HBA together.

x1 slot is more for serial ports. if you need to add serial port. Nothing more here compared to Gen8.


On a Gen8 you could always add video card. 


B120i is HP custom controller on C204 chipset. It is far better for ZFS (Freebsd, FreeNAS) using in AHCI mode than Marvell. 

And Marvell is on PCIe x2 connection, so all ports will not work at full speed. 


AMD IOMMU is probably not supporded. In another thread here waiting on answer from HPE. 


And in total you pay more: you can't buy small and upgrade. With upgraded CPU on Gen8 you have up to ~9000 Passmark, not 5000.


There is still no info from HPE about additional Remote Management solution.


On 6/6/2017 at 5:57 PM, Ricimer said:


This is *very* bad news for anyone not running Windows. There are a number of unresolved NCQ issues with the Marvell controller on Linux and Freebsd.

I've seen long running threads with no solutions, the issue is some commands (like scheduled SMART scans) will cause the drives to timeout when using NCQ. Not good for ZFS etc.

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      Can someone help me with this? (As a wild guess, I'd say that somethings wrong with the SATA connections at least on ata2 and ata3).

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