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W.H.S. R.I.P


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Six in the morning here and I was loading my pod casts for the working day.


Windows Weekly is coming down with the title W.H.S. R.I.P.


Should be wonderful listening!!


Seems like W.H.S. support is disappearing faster than an ice cube in the Gobi desert......


Beginning already to feel like an endangered species.


I am getting the same feeling I had with the ZX 81 - B.B.C. Model B and the Amiga


Haven't listened yet but guessing I am in for a gloomy morning

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Yeah, I think I could have guessed that even before I listened.


What was of more concern was the line taken by the show.


Seems now that even one of W.H.S. most public proponents is losing hope.


It is one thing when Home Server Show discusses but Windows Weekly reaches a larger and more diverse audience. Once shows like this sound the dirge to a wider and larger audience then it won't take long to reach death by "critical mass."

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Yes. So far, what I've taken from WW is that HP was probably planning to get out since the beginning of the year. Remember Paul saying that they didn't have the HP MediaSmart advisory meeting this year? So the time line is something like this:


-HP decides early in 2010 to get out of the WHS market - Who knows the exact reason? Maybe MS had relayed concerns about DE and other things that might be brewing. Maybe it was a simple matter of low ROI.


-MS works on DE Vail up until a couple months ago when they see what they interpret as the writing on the wall.


-Some person at MS signs the order to kill DE in Vail.


-A month ago, MVP's are notified.


-10 days ago, we get the news.


-9 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes ago, Connect hosts a petition by Citezein to bring back DE. As of 6:52 EST, 12/03/10, the up vote stands at 4655.


-A day or so later, Terry Walsh emails Steve Balmer.


-The day after that, Steve responds with, "Let's look into it."


-Yesterday, Windows Weekly confirms that HP is out.



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I think today many people are reluctantly looking into alternatives like Amahi.


The fact that they are looking at all is a problem.


How long before MS looks at it's shrinking market and says it's not worth it.


Perhaps they already have and by pulling D.E. they provide their own excuse?


As I said in my first post here I have seen the premature demise of many computers (and some resurrections like Apple.) I have had in my hands some stillborn such as the Elan Enterprise. The only one I still regret to this day was the (like P.T.) Amiga. There is only ever two factors in the demise of anything whether it be computers or cars or.....etc.


1/Is there a viable alternative?


2/ What is the public (or enthusiast) perception?


In the case of W.H.S. M.S. have handled this "train wreck" very poorly, undermining confidence in their own product.


They should have had a possible remedy when they made the announcement. Instead they said D.E. is dead........Crickets chirp!


Now the vacuum is filled by speculation which is getting louder (such as Windows Weekly) and forcing a change in perception of the product even to the casual, half attentive listener.


As a side effect people (even us) are looking at alternatives (such as Amahi or Drobo or Nas.) Old Chinese proverb....if you look hard enough for something....You will eventually find it!


And that's what I meant by achieving critical mass!

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That up vote number I reported may be inaccurate. I was able to increment the total by an additional 3 votes simply by up-voting the duplicate posts.

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I am now running Amahi on one of my Xenservers. It uses something called "greyhole" which is similiar to DE. Not only can you duplicate files, but you can tell the system how many different drives you want the file to reside, including all of them. While I like the idea of duplicating a file to protect it, it is a huge waste of space. I plan to keep testing it, but without duplication since the VM drives are all hosted on my unRaid server. Of course, unRaid is not perfect either and their are some issues with it I need to get my head around before moving all my storage over to it.


As for WHS/Vail, at this point, I don't much care anymore. As long as I have something to auto backup all the PC's in the house (Aurora can do that), I will find a solution for everything else. At this point, IMO, Vail making it to retail release is a 50/50 possibility.


Of course this is the HOME SERVER SHOW web site, so hopefully the rise or fall of Vail is just a bump in the road. Vail or no Vail, there is a place in many people's home for a HOME SERVER. Who knows, maybe this opens the door to a wider discussion of home servers and the show/forums explode to an much larger audience. :)

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Version 4.5.4


Nothing exciting in 4.5.5 through 4.6(latest release) making me hurry to update. At this point, I will just wait for a stable version 5 before upgrading.

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