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Overheating and shutting down


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Hi everyone,


this is my first post here, but I keep getting linked to this forum on my google searches and have found this place most useful.

I have had one of my Gen8's up and running for the past year or so without any problems.


After reading here I decided to upgrade my CPU from the Intel Celeron G1610T to an  Intel Core i3-3220T.

I replaced the stock main fan with a Fractal Venturi HP-12

I also took the opportunity to upgrade to ILO4 2.53 May 03 2017


I also have installed - the B222 raid card, all bays are full with HDDs connected to it and an SSD in the ODD position. But this is none of that is new


Now it seems I have an overheating issue, but im confused as to what is overheating


Sensor Data.png

The top image was a screenshot after the overheat and the server shut down and shows that sensor 10-PCI 1 has detected a temperature of 124C

The bottom image was after I left the server to cool down and then turned it back on.

whats confusing me is that until the system shuts down, the sensor data shows that there is no sensor installed at that location.


I have set my fan to maximum cooling in BIOS, but I am still getting the same thing.

I thought maybe it was an issue with the CPU, so i have now put the Celeron back in but the problem persists.


none of the other sensors seem to show a temperature rise, so I am wondering if theres some error causing this rather than an actual overheat.

Is there a diagram showing where the fan sensors are? I have searched but I can't find anything

Im a bit stuck, im not sure what I can do next to solve this.

Thanks for your help everyone :)


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Have you tried putting the factory fan back in it? It has been sometime since I played with fans in the MS Gen8, but I don't think you can replace them with a standard PWM fan. I would try it with the original fan and see if that helps. You can also mount a 50MM blower on the power supply frame rail and point it directly at the P222 heat sink.

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the p222 is a server rack raid controller card and it gets freaking hot without proper cooling and ventilation. Rack servers are noisy for a reason ;) 


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Hi guys,

thanks for all the replies.

My initial problem I had when posting, was that I had no idea what sensor '10-PCI 1' was.

I have since read more on here and discovered it was referring to the raid card and have seen some of your solutions for cooling it.

So with this new information I made some little fan mount brackets and and now have 2x 40mm noctua fans blowing across the heatsink on the card, and just above the card in order to blow the hot air towards the main exhaust fan.


The temperatures have now dropped significantly, although the cable I used to power the fan has an option to run the fans at a full 12v or a reduced 5v for quieter operation and I have just realised I am running them at 5v.

I will open them up and swap that over and will post what temps I a now seeing soon.


20170603_220946.jpg   20170603_221009.jpg

20170603_215525.jpg   20170603_215534.jpg


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I forgot to add...


Is there a list of the sensor locations anywhere?

I have searched for one but haven't found anything.

It would be very useful

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