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Not the 5 then...

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So, the new Surface Pro is here, not the 5 as expected but just the straight Surface Pro..


7th Gen Core m3, i5 and i7, no USB C, specs looks like they have dropped the Magnetometer, battery up from 9hours video on the Pro 4 to 13.5 on the not 5, still 4, 8, 16Gb RAM, SSD's 128, 256, 512 and 1Tb, only the i7 has a fan in it, screen size/res/dpi the same, camera, wifi, Bluetooth all the same, weights on the MS site say 2g heavier for the m3, no other weights were given, don't think people will care much about  2g given the increase in battery life

New Pen as well, and on screen Dial compatibility...



However, the MS site is saying that the pen is not included, this could be a sour pill for some given that "The tablet than can replace your laptop" has never come with a bloody keyboard, which all laptops have (how can you have a device that's meant to replace something when it has a pretty key piece of hardware missing is beyond me) now they're not bundling the pen either...
Not so much of an issue for those that are upgrading from an earlier Pro 3/4 but for those new to the party paying a premium price for a device and then having to drop another £150 (guestimate) on a keyboard and pen will put some off...


Waiting for some proper hands on reviews and the likes now...

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