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CPU Cooler for 2x E5-2560s


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I'm using a Corsair Hydro Series Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler H100i on one Core i7-5960X and does a great job at cooling even when overclocking, but it's a little pricey. I like it because it vents the hot air outside the case either top or front (depending on your case) keeping the interior efficiently cool. Using two as in your case might work if you have the room in the case and have some extra $$$ but would provide superior cooling for the E5-2560's.

Hope you find a good solution.

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Honestly, your VM storage drive(s) and RAM is probably going to be the biggest constraint.  Each system is going to take a GB of RAM or more (ideally), which goes quickly.   And VMs are very IOPS sensitive, as well.   

If you can, throw as much RAM at the system as possible, and invest in a large capacity SSD (with a high IOPS rating). 

As for the CPU, that really depends on what you're doing.  If you're not doing anything CPU intensive (transcoding, etc), then the stock heat sink may be more than plenty for the system. 

Otherwise, noctua heatsinks are fantastic and highly recommended. 

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