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HP Microserver Gen8 Fully Specced

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Hi guys,

i'm selling my beloved HP Microserver Gen8. It's fully specced. 


Comes with:

5 drive ready (i've got power and sata connector on the place where the ODD drive would go, i use it for an ssd there). 

Xeon 1280v2 (check cpubenchmarks, its pretty much the fastest one for the socket)

CPU Fan that is throttle regulated by the system (i spliced the back fan rpm control)

16 GB Kingston ram

ILO Advanced


Everything updated to last HP Pack. 

590+shippin, italy based

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    • E3000
      By E3000
      Hey guys,
      As of June 2020, what are the latest versions of firmware for HP Microserver Gen8 to be installed on the system itself? Also do any other components have updatable firmware/os-independent software?
      So far my list is as follows:
      BIOS - J06 (04/04/2019) iLO 4 - v2.73 (11/02/2020) Intelligent Provisioning - v1.71 (20/02/2019)  
      and I guess the following could also be added (although both out of date):
      Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) - v8.1.0 (21/12/2017) Service Pack for ProLiant (06/11/2017)  
      Date formated as DD/MM/YYYY.
      I believe all the B120i Smart Storage stuff is part of Intelligent Provisioning.
    • E3000
      By E3000
      Hey guys, 
      Bit of a random question here, and I know it depends on many factors such as what they are doing etc, but how many VMs have you guys comfortably ran on Gen8 with an E3-1265v2 and 16GB RAM? When did you start to see a performance hit compared to what the Gen8 is generally capable of?

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