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disconnecting net adapter in Gen8


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I have had couple months now strange disconnect/reconnect problems with my gen8. is my mboard going to break or what?

it just disconnect and reconnect same time. but for so long that I lose  connections.

I am running esxi 6.5 (HP version) and pfsense under that. so this disconnecting card is my WAN card.

temperatures in back of gen8 is bit higher because I changed cpu to i5-2390T CPU @ 2.70GHz

I am going to change wan to lan  card and wise versa, and test with that if pfsense is cause (dont think so).




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remember there is also something plugged on the other end of that cable that can cause the same messages in the Gen 8 because technically it is down then up. would investigate both ends of the cable.

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offcourse that is also option..

one time my router (Huawei E5186) was in not connected state, but that was in one time.
But I can live with this because its have been so rarely :) (lazy me)..


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