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QNAP Security Update and Malware Remover


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Something is going on in QNAP-land.  If you are running a QNAP NAS I would look into your QTS version.


Internal research has identified a recent attack that possibly exploits known vulnerabilities in earlier QTS versions.  Malware can then be downloaded and executed, which in turn installs a QTS 4.2.5 build on the compromised system. This malware may potentially result in unauthorized access to NAS data. 

I would normally think this is a normal security update but I think this one is bigger.  Everyone needs to look.  QNAP even has a malware scanner you can get to help you out.

Check this link for the details. https://www.qnap.com/en-us/support/con_show.php?cid=117

Report back here please.

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I dont use QNAP's where I am now, however there were a fair few I put out at my last place, they were set to autoupdate firmware though so hopefully they'll have been updated, unless they were scrapped as part of the new guys "get rid of everything Trig did because he didnt know what he was doing" program lol...


I'll reach out to a few of the offshore locations that I still talk to the guys from and make sure they're ok...

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Right, have reached out to HK, TK, LK and BD...
No doubt that'll set the cat amongst the pigeons when it gets back to the UK lol

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