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Hello + First Gen8


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Evening all :)

After being a regular browser of HSS before and after my MS Gen8 purchase i thought it was about time i showed my face and said hello! Apologies for the run-of-the-mill post with nothing particularly new or interesting but i've been eager to get involved :)

I've had my Gen8 for a couple of months but not really done much with it apart from experimenting with ESXi (with <4Gb RAM mod, what a pain for a novice) and a pfSense VM.

It's essentially replacing (get ready to laugh) my ML350 G5 (max spec) and G6 (max proc, 48Gb) as i can't justify running them both 24/7 just for lab/experimental/pointless purposes and not to mention complete overkill 99.999% of the time.

The Gen8 is hopefully going to replace most of the functionality of both of them and i'm looking forward to the challenge of a huge drop in space, processing power and ram, however strange that sounds.

To get me up and working i was bidding on Trig0r's CPU, RAM and heatsink at the weekend but was outbid at the last second :( damn! So after some shopping, today arrived a 1240 v2, a 4Gb stick (8Gb total for now) and 2x 3Tb WD Reds as well as the current 128Gb WD SSD in the ODD bay. At some point in the future i'd love to get the SDM as i have 4x 1TB 2.5 WD Reds sat there needing some use but i've spent enough for now!

OS of choice will be 2012 R2 with multiple VMs (exact details TBC). The reason behind this rather than ESXi is so i can progress on my MCSA 2012 R2 studies at the same time.

The only issue i know i'm going to face is the 69W TDP which i will monitor closely and i'm currently deciding what do do in regards to mods.

Anyway, i've spoke enough! Thanks for reading :)




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If it makes you feel any better chap, only the RAM went in the end, I still have the server, Xeon and the heatpipe..

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 And i kick myself again... I think we need to have a chat! I'm 'reservercycle' on eBay by the way just to reveal my identity lol.

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