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Microsoft Surface Laptop available for pre-order on Amazon

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Dave    277

Same configurations, same price, same delivery date. Some folks just like Amazon. I get my Amazon deliveries early in the day so I would go this route.


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Trig0r    118

I can't help but think this is hugely overpriced.


I suspect that $999 will translate to £999 which for a device with 4Gb of RAM is, well, in this day and age, daft..


It does fill me with a smidge of hope for the Pro 5 and Book 2 though given that it's got the 7th gen CPU's in it...

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JackoUK    17

At last MSFT completes the Unholy Trinity: the MacBook, the Chromebook Pixel ... and now the Surface Laptop:

- expensive

- limited to a taxed, single vendor ecosystem

- functionally poor to sterile

- physically attractive

What more could anyone want ... Amazon Cloud and Azure replete with subscription services! Instead if a cell, a maximum security ward.

"Do you want to know what it [the matrix] is - it is a prison for your mind."


Yet we all succumb to a little bit of luxury now and then ...

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