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So, this is the Windows 10 Cloud that was hinted at on the insider previews..


Anyone actually think it's a good idea?

I'm really not a fan of having, multiple versions of an OS, it complicates things for the end user.



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Windows Sterile, as I think I'll call it, is just another attempt by MSFT to imprison users in an Apple-like ecosystem. (The new laptop is the same from a hardware perspective, providing an admittedly lovely but expensive machine).

As usual all the supposed customer benefits are dressed up as pseudo-advantages e.g. security via limitation to Store apps ... only needs a simple switch, not a whole new OS.

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The usual suspects are all saying its the way to go: we need to convert all applications to UWP and install them via the Windows Store.

I'm happy with that providing:

- MSFT pays for the application porting effort, to be recovered if the platform takes off

- MSFT takes a very small cut of developer's revenues (say 0.1% with a limit)

- I get 6 free licenses for the 6 copies of MS Office I own

Should be done before the next BUILD conference, right?

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Early testers of Windows Sterile are saying it has all the functionality of Pro.

That might be of interest to me were it available on the devices I want to buy: Microservers or tablets.

The Windows Pro licenses for my 4 MS's would have been very expensive had they not come via W7 - W8 Pro (£25) - W10 Pro (free) ... indeed I'd probably have gone a different route without the cheap upgrades. Doesn't sound like S will be available as an SKU though.

I bought a LINX 1010 Education tablet to get Pro, cost about £20 over the base 1010B ... so I can Remote Desktop in to it from wherever.

There is a strong possibility that tablets will appear with S on them. Trouble is the one and only application I want to run is Foobar2000! :(

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