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Upgrading Intelligent Provisioning firmware


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My Intelligent Provisioning firmware is on version 1.62, but when running Update in the Intelligent Provisioning, it shows a new version 1.63. Whenever I run the update it start doing something in the console but then get stuck.

Did someone have the same issue?


I also found out in HPE software depot that there is a 2.5 firmware version of the Intelligent Provisioning, but I am not sure it is. Impasible with gen8. Documentation refers to gen9 in the install doc.


Any thoughts.



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Fixed: After the install got stuck, I rebooted, but when I run again the Intelligent Provisioning, I found out the server became unregistered, and had to enter my email/pwd and register again the server. The upgrade of the I.P. firmware failed like 2 or 3 times. In the 4th attempt I could finally upgrade the firmware. I guess there were an issue with the HP website...

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