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Backups of the Backups

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My scheme is based on avoiding specific scenarios.  First and foremost is destruction of my home or property in which my NAS is destroyed or incapacitated.  Synchronizing eliminates this risk by immediately copying any file I create or add to two different far-away locations (if not three at the moment).  If I lived in Houston right now, this would be a load off my mind as copies of my files would be available in other locations - accessible from anywhere, while my NAS is sitting in several feet of water.


Backups are a different issue for me -- my current biggest worry is ransomware or some sort of virus that damages or destroys the data.  I keep local backups (using Hyperbackup) on two different external drives.  One is a weekly backup - the other is monthly.  Result is that I can go back several months and retrieve files that have been changed or damaged once I discover there's an issue. There is a small risk that  a few days-worth of files could be lost, but I think it's fairly low, and I'm willing to deal with that.


I fully realize my synchronizing and backups are different strategies, but they deal with different threats. 


I'm always happy to hear other strategies for data preservation, and am willing to learn/adjust based on new information.  I welcome the pointing out of "holes" or deficiencies in my practices, allowing me to change what I'm doing to address the shortcomings and improve my data safety.


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