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HP EX490 X510 drive transplant


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I was considering a swap of the OS and Data drives between an EX490 (WSE2012R2) and X510 (WHS2011).  They both are upgraded with Core2 Quad CPUs and 4GB of memory.

Now some might question why I might consider doing this, but rather than rebuilding the servers I thought the drives could be swapped between the EX490 and X510.  They are almost identical hardware inside each of them and perhaps someone has done a similar thing in the past transplanting drives between MediaSmart and Data Vault (or vice versa)?

They both have DriveBender pools of 3x2TB and 2x3TB drives.  Are there limits on the drive sizes each support?  The data can be restored from backup, and presumably easier if the pool is removed and recreated unless it will magically survive the transplant operation?

All advice gratefully received :-)

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It's actually identical hardware, at least for the motherboard. The differences where target customers.  The X510's were aimed at small businesses, while the EX490's were aimed at consumers.  The CPU and memory may be different, but the boards should be identical. 

You should be able to swap the drives without any problems. 


That said, I can't be 100% certain about this. Weird errors and revisions do crop up. And it's been a while.  But this should be painless. 


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