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Boot Issues on WHS 2011 after Clone Attempt

Dale Holden

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HI, Guys, I have WHS 2011 and wanted to beef it up so added a new CPU i7-2700k. The issue I had with this was PC would not boot until I removed a RAM module. I have messed around and now I have it booting with them in bay 2 & 4 Checked it with Speccy and the PC is seeing it so this might be ok now. At the same time, i bought SSD and cloned my HDD to SSD via Macruium Reflect. No error reported and seemed fine but now I have big issues. I set the SSD to HDD priority in bios but the computer ignores it. I also get a boot stop screen asking me to select my OS only one listed. If I select it loads fine. I have the old C: drive and tried to boot just with SSD but the I get same issue and a further on says windows os, not a valid copy and a blank screen but this is on the same PC with same hardware?????

I have reversed it and gone back to original C Drive removed SSD and I still get stop boot screen to pick the o/s but it will boot into WHS 2011. I have tried restoring to last good boot version but nothing works. As a server I need it to boot on its own correctly how can I fix this, please? Setup 1. OS Windows WHS 2011 2. CPU Intel Core i7-2700k 3. Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 Intel H67 Socket 1155 8 Channel HD Audio mATX Motherboard • Chipset Intel® H67 Express Chipset • Intel Core i7 i5 and i3 LGA1155 package • 4 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 32 GB of system memory • Dual channel memory architecture • Support for DDR3 1333/1066/800 MHz memory modules • Support for non-ECC memory modules 4. Case Coolermaster Elite 330 Black Mid Tower Case • M/B Type microATX or ATX • 3.5" Drive Bays 1 (exposed), 5 (hidden) • Expansion Slots 7 • Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 5. Power Supply Coolermaster Elite Power 500W Fully Wired Efficient Power Supply 6. Memory Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz Memory Kit Unbuffered CL9

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Do you have a spare HDD or at least some spare room on one? (if you're using some sort of pooling, DO NOT BACKUP to the pool)

If so, try running the Windows Server Backup (the one in the dashboard, or in "Administrative Tools", or run "wbadmin.msc" on the server directly).  Run a single backup, disconnect all of the disks but this backup disk and the SSD. Boot from the Windows Home Server Installation disk, and select the "Repair an existing installation" option.  

This will immediately dump you into the "Re-image the computer" option. It will automatically scan for that backup, and once it finds, proceed.  Restore to the SSD, and then reboot. 

This should successfully clone the image over to the new SSD. 

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HI Chris

Its Dale from PM stabelbit , things have moved on a little. I have run clone again disconnected my old c drive.

I have rebooted and i still get this screen to select my O/S if i select it this time i have managed to boot into my SSD.

I got a SB Pool license error so it looks like the clone has worked it is just this bloody boot issue.

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No that is my problem it is not booting correctly.

It stops with a black screen asking me to select the correct O/S (Windows Boot Manager Screen)

It boots twice before i see this screen

Or repair the PC if i select the correct O/S it boots fine.

It does this with the SSD or the old C Drive.

It has done this ever since i cloned the disk

I need help to fix the booting up



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OK partial success i have now got the SSD booting into WHS 2011.
But still getting the fast ticking sound then the double boot into Windows Boot Manager screen asking me to select the correct O/S.
Only one listed i select it and i boot directly into WHS 2011 with no issues.
But i cannot get a clean boot always the double boot into Window Boot Manager Screen!!!

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