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2 years and now Gen 8 playing up


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I wonder if you can help me, ive been running xpenology/DSM on my gen 8 for 2 years now, perfect love it...

but lately DSM is just crashing with nothing in the logs, ilo still running and nothing in its logs either, i cant even run dsm for 30 mins now without it happening, it sjust suddently happened, no changes to hardware or software


im getting a red light on the server with this error:

PCI Bus Error (Slot 0, Bus 0, Device 28, Function 7

which ive tracked down to being an intel chipset 8086? 1c1e? i really dont understand but google comes up with a Intel C200 controller?

I have updated all the firmware and still the same problem, its just crashing more and more often now


has anyone got any idea what it could be? is it my server? is it DSM?


im so close to just calling it quits and buying another gen8, i mean its pretty much only cost me £50 a year for 2 years which isnt that bad for the use ive got out of it! but i would prefer to fix this one!


please  help :(

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The main chipset is C200, but some devices internally are even communicating using ISA bus (like thermal sensors or other legacy devices)

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So it's pretty much a brick now really if the main chipset gone and it's out or warranty? 

Ive just gone and ordered another one, surely it's cheaper to buy another for 120£ than waste time and money repairing this one?

i I put my xpenology usb and hard drives back into the new one it should all work without much hassle right?

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