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xp941 m.2 pci card


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Hello guys, and thanks for this wonderful website ,

I have a little question about freenas and a pci (4 lines) m.2 card adapter.

During installation procedure of freenas i can choose the card, so the m.2 disk, but after first reboot it doesn't find the disk to boot from.

Is there a way to boot from it?

i tried freenas installation with bios and uefi, but same reaction is displayed.

I played with ahci, legacy sata and raid card priority setting on bios, with no result.

Thanks for your comment


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We threw this around in the thread ...

... and I think the consensus was:

- the Gen8 BIOS does not support NVME boot

- you can't tinker with the BIOS because it is signed

- NVME as a PCI data-only drive might be OK if your OS supports the same

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yes and thanks Jacko

freenas can only use it as a data disk...it's so fast, but only for data, i will plan to use it in the next year with a new uefi motherboard.

my xb58usb3 is quiet at the end of life...


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