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One or two video cards

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Looks like we need a video card section,,,,

On my main PC/Workstation I have two HP ZR2740w monitors, 2560 x 1440 resolution. The last two systems I have used with these monitors have had two video cards, one for each monitor. I think initially I went with two video cards to get DVI-D ports for each monitor. As I get ready to build a new system, should I continue to run dual video cards or go with a better single card to run both monitors? I understand SLI/Crossfire to take advantage of dual cards on one monitor, but I am not a 'gamer' and I use both monitors equally. I was considering two RX460 2GB cards, $100ea, $200 total or one RX480 4GB card for $200. 

So non-gamer, dual monitor, one or two video cards, thoughts?


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I use one card (Radeon R9-270 with 2GB DDR5 memory) with three monitors for my office desktop (when I'm not stealing a monitor for a project).  1 2560x1440, 2 1200x1600, & 3 1920x1080

1 is HDMI

2 & 3 are DVI

It's an old card so there's probably better (i.e. cheaper & more resolution) out there now.


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I have 7 monitors and only 2 cards. 4 on one and 3 on the other. I have tried them with and without SLI but could never tell the difference. I am not a gamer unless you count Flight Simulator a game (I don't). One card should  be plenty for 2 monitors if not gaming. Any Gamer will tell you that 1 RX 480 is way better than 2 RX 460 because of the limitation of the 2 GB memory in the 460 (Crossfire would help this problem).  Also any gamer would tell you to pay extra for the 8GB version especially if running 2 monitors. Vega is supposed to be here next month and one would think that the RX 480 8GB would then be priced under $200.

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For general-purpose computing 1 card will suffice: say a RX460 or a GTX 1050.

Relatively new cards have both a DVI and a DisplayPort connector thus accommodating 2 displays. Depending on your monitors, only 1 DisplayPort may be necessary, since DisplayPort supports daisy-chaining. of devices.

Entry level cards have benefits:

- power supplied by PCI, so no additional power connectors

- much lower power consumption

- quiet!

I have a very old DELL 3007 at 2560x1600 ... and not felt the need to add a 2nd ... indeed find myself shrinking some work to the centre of the screen. If anything I have wished for more vertical pixels so I would probably go for 32", 4K with accurate colour, say http://euro.dell.com/uk/en/corp/Peripherals/dell-up3216q-monitor/pd.aspx?refid=dell-up3216q-monitor&s=corp 


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One card, less hassles. 


Im using a gtx1050ti to a 4K display and it has no issues. 

Runs off pice, no additional power required. Quiet and efficient. 

Would handle 2 monitors without breaking a sweat. 

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