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P410 bad performances


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Hello everyone I have a Gen8 server that has big performance problems with the cache card p410 256 Mb. 

I have 4 hard disk 3 TB 5400 RPM configured in raid 10

The server OS is VmWare ESXI 6.0 on which I have virtualized OpenMediaVault.  I have downgraded the scsi-hpvsa driver to version 0.88

When I write a large file of 10 GB on OMV from my PC with the B120i I get an acceptable writing rate but that oscillates 
between 60 MB / s and 40 MB / s




But with the P410 the write speeds are just catastrophic. At first the writing speed is 80 MB / s but after a few seconds it drops to about 6 MB / s.
 See below




Additional information: I did not activate the write cache on the P410 because I have no battery available, the problem could come from?


Thank you and sorry for my english i use a translator ;)

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Can you not overwrite the settings on the P410 to enable the cache even if the battery is missing?


I've got a Gen8 here thats not in use, also have a P222/512 and a P410/1Gb and a 256Mb if you want me to run some tests..

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No problem, it is already very late also in France but at least the card will be in place for testing ;)
In advance, thanks for your replys 
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So I put the P410 back in place, forced the activation of the write cache even in the absence of the battery and of course activated the write cache in "Inteligent Provisioning" and write speeds Are horribly low 8 m / s on average





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